Jersey Vein Clinic

Mr Ray has been consulting in Jersey and Guernsey since 2010, and has treated several hundred patients there during that time at the Jersey Vein Clinic, Elite Surgical Centre, Lido Medical Centre.

He visits once a month to provide a specialist consultation and vascular imaging at the same time, allowing a diagnosis and individual treatment plan to be provided immediately. Any procedure can usually be provided at the next visit, allowing time for the patient to read the necessary information sheets and contact their insurers, if needed.

All of his treatments are “keyhole” meaning that we use the latest minimally-invasive medical technology to pass through tiny entry points and close down the diseased veins. Patients are then free to return home and quickly resume a normal lifestyle including exercise and travel.

For further information regarding his visits, fees and appointments please contact Carly on 07797 817964 or email to