COVID-19 update: To avoid unnecessary hospital visits, Mr Sudip Ray is happy to contact patients by e-mail or phone and discuss any vein-related enquiries they have. Please use the Contact form or ring 020 3000 6900 and leave a message. Where necessary it may be possible to arrange face-to-face consultation/examination subject to current hospital guidelines.

Treatment of thread, flare and spider veins

Thread or spider veins (“red or blue biro lines”, Figure 10) on the thighs and calves are often present alongside varicose veins, and are very common following pregnancy or after prolonged use of the oral contraceptive pill. These are never harmful or painful, and are essentially cosmetic blemishes. They can sometimes be successfully treated by microinjections, thermocoagulation with a fine heated probe (Figure 8) or laser therapy, and do not usually require bandaging afterwards. All of these are performed as an outpatient without need for anaesthetic and can be repeated as and when required.

Thread Veins Before Treatment
Thread Veins After Treatment