COVID-19 update: To avoid unnecessary hospital visits, Mr Sudip Ray is happy to contact patients by e-mail or phone and discuss any vein-related enquiries they have. Please use the Contact form or ring 020 3000 6900 and leave a message. Where necessary it may be possible to arrange face-to-face consultation/examination subject to current hospital guidelines.

Sudip Ray
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Treatment of Varicose Veins

This is the commonest of the keyhole vein procedures we perform, and over a 10 year period we have treated
over 3000 patients with it. VNUS closure can usually be performed under local anaesthetic,
though sometimes patients prefer to have a small amount of sedation as well.
General anaesthesia is only required if the veins are very large or extensive.

What our Patients Say

"The aching symptoms of the veins had gone as had most of the blue discoloration
and the unsightly bulging prominent appearance of my calves is replaced by,
dare I say it a smooth, youthful looking pair of legs!”

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Mr Sudip Ray MA MS FRCS (Gen)

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

This is the website of Mr Sudip Ray, Consultant Vascular Surgeon. He works within the NHS at Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust and the St George’s Vascular Institute. He consults privately at Parkside Hospital Wimbledon, the New Victoria Hospital in Kingston, and The Jersey Vein Clinic.

The website aims to give both first-time browsers, as well as his current patients, relevant information about the services he provides. There are several drop-down items which will give you detailed notes about the conditions treated, technical aspects and aftercare. If you would like further information or have a specific query please use the enquiry page and we will try and answer as soon as possible. To see Mr Ray privately you can ring the appropriate hospital/clinic and they will provide details of his next available appointment. If you have private medical insurance please consult them first and obtain authorisation. Self-funding patients can book themselves in directly (usual fee for initial consultation £200). To see Mr Ray in his NHS clinic please ask your GP to refer to Kingston Hospital.