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Very Relieved!

“One of the consequences of a career as a Surgeon with long hours standing at an operating table for me was significant varicose veins. Uncomfortable and unsightly, with a prospect of serious problems as I got older, I decided to get something done about them.

I was very relieved to learn from Mr Ray of the current options which are much less invasive than in the past. He explained the procedure, risks, and likely out come in a clear and thorough manner.

My procedure, Radio frequency Ablation, was done as a day case. Home, pain free that evening, I was encouraged to do plenty of walking which meant a relatively quick return to a daily routine assisted by compression stockings.

There is no use pretending there was not some discomfort for a few weeks post operatively, but it was kept under control with simple analgesics and anti inflammatory medication. The aching symptoms of the veins had gone as had most of the blue discoloration and the unsightly bulging  prominent appearance of my calves is replaced by, dare I say it a smooth, youthful looking pair of legs!”

Mr DM, FRCS & Consultant Plastic Surgeon, (retired)

Stripping out wasn’t on my agenda and instead my rogue veins were dealt with by Mr Ray

For years they were the problems of friends and colleagues, but not for me. I listened to their stories about the treatment, the stripping out, which were definitely not for the squeamish, and that included me. But then as middle age progressed I found that along with all the other symptoms of aging, twisted purple veins had popped up in my lower leg. I tried to pretend that they weren’t there, despite my daughters’ cries of ’urrgh, Mum, what’s that?!’ when I put on my summer shorts (I brought the girls up to be truthful). Then my leg began to ache, and a wise friend suggested that the cause might in fact be my malfunctioning vein.

There’s a point in everyone’s life when realisation dawns that it is time to take action. I was lucky, because I didn’t even have to try to pretend to be brave. Stripping out wasn’t on my agenda and instead my rogue veins were dealt with by Mr Ray under local anaesthetic and keyhole surgery. I walked into the treatment room and about 50 minutes later, walked out again. That night I was able to enjoy a bath. The next day I enjoyed preparing a weekend lunch for friends and within 48 hours I was back behind the wheel of my car. Three months later there is very little to show for my experience, except a lower leg free from purple lumps. At my age I’m never going to win a lovely legs competition (but then in truth, I never was) – but I will be wearing my shorts this summer without causing too much offence.

Mrs KL, Journalist

My legs look great!

I had been diagnosed by a Doctor and advised that I should put myself forward to remove varicose veins from both my legs. I am a very busy career woman who travels extensively and am completely time impoverished. I also was apprehensive about submitting to surgery. Following on from a first meeting with Mr. Ray – I was assured that I could have day treatment and be home by the evening and go to work the next day if I wanted to. I was also assured there would be no ugly marks or scarring left on my legs. On the day of my procedure – I was pleasantly surprised. I check into the hospital late morning, by 1:00pm I was in surgery with a light sedative, I was finished within an hour – by 6:00pm following a cup  of tea and a sandwich – I was left for home. I had a great sleep and the next morning felt fine. After putting on support stockings, I went to a drinks party at the US Embassy followed by an afternoon walk from Grosvenor Square to work at Victoria. I have not had any issues with my legs and two weeks on, I am feeling great. My legs have some light bruising, which is fading daily. I have felt no numbness or aching. In summary, I missed one day of work and have kept a regime of daily yoga and 45 minute daily walks. I feel great and my legs look great. I cannot recommend Sudip Ray enough”.

DP, Marketing Director, Jan 2017