COVID-19 update: To avoid unnecessary hospital visits, Mr Sudip Ray is happy to contact patients by e-mail or phone and discuss any vein-related enquiries they have. Please use the Contact form or ring 020 3000 6900 and leave a message. Where necessary it may be possible to arrange face-to-face consultation/examination subject to current hospital guidelines.

Venaseal bioadhesive treatment of varicose veins

This is the latest and most-promising keyhole treatment for sealing the veins responsible for varicose disease. From a single entry point a fine tube is inserted to deliver a medical superglue along the length of the abnormal vein, sealing it within minutes. The patient can then walk or drive home, with minimal discomfort and no compression stocking needed. It has been subject to clinical trials in Europe and the USA and, over a 5 year period,  seems to be as effective as other keyhole treatments but without any need for anaesthetic injections. Mr Ray is the UK trainer for the Venaseal procedure and can inform you whether your veins are suitable for this procedure. For further information visit

Venaseal – a sticky end to varicose veins