COVID-19 update: To avoid unnecessary hospital visits, Mr Sudip Ray is happy to contact patients by e-mail or phone and discuss any vein-related enquiries they have. Please use the Contact form or ring 020 3000 6900 and leave a message. Where necessary it may be possible to arrange face-to-face consultation/examination subject to current hospital guidelines.


If you have varicose or thread veins and would like further medical advice you are welcome to make an appointment at one of the listed clinics. If you are covered by health insurance you may need to obtain a letter from your GP first. If you need further information, advice about how to proceed, or you simply want to give us feedback please use the form below. Obviously we cannot give specific advice about a medical condition without assessing you in the clinic first.

To contact Sudip Ray please call 020 3000 6900 or you can complete the contact form below.